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Simple Electronic discovery. We help you organize documents for legal proceedings such as litigation, government investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests, through electronic tranmission and management tools.

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  • Quickly determine what is relevant, and not with our custom search tools.

Do you have a wide variety of PST - PDF - MSG - or any other commonly used file extension stored without easy organization? Get started here to make your document management smooth, and always accesible anywhere there is internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Files can I import?

Including but not limited to:.pst .msg .pdf .doc .docx .xlsx .msg .eml .zip .jpg .jpeg .png .rtf .txt .dat

Can I match Opposing Counsel Discovery Items to row items inside 247?

Yes. 247 makes it easy for users to take discovered files from other parties, and match them to the respective .dat line item, and store them as a viewable row inside the Document Table.

When I am ready to export my discovery what formats exist?

You can export your selected files for production into discovery via .zip with a .dat, or directly into a Google Drive vault.

Why should I choose 247 over Relativity?

Relativity generally requires an "operater" for hire at high rates to process the items into their application. Which is charged on a document size basis. Our prices are better, and our application is easier to ease from zero day implementation. We do have API connections to Relativity if you are already housing documents on that platform.

How much does 247contracts365 ediscovery application cost?

We charge a flat rate of $99/m per company account. (1GB $15/user $5/+GB)